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Our Team

Enrique Torres Vela

Enrique is a Certified Public Accountant and has served as the Senior Accountant for Mana Accounting Services since 2017, specializing in tax preparation and audits of financial statements. Originally from a municipality in Colombia, he moved to Bogota at the age of 18, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in accounting and master’s degree in taxation from Colombia Central University. He moved to the United States in 2000. As a tax and financial advisor, he works most frequently with restaurants, retail stores, schools, nonprofit organizations, law offices, insurance agencies and construction companies. His responsibilities include directing personnel, coordinating weekly scheduling and logistics, providing ongoing training and customer service, updating policies, managing clients, and preparing, revising and auditing financial statements. He has also been the CFO for “Torress Contadores SAS since 2011. He has ten years of experience working as financial director for private sector companies, 20 years as a financial advisor, 15 years as an accountant, and 14 years as a tax inspector. Enrique strives to build a superior level of trust by getting to know every aspect of the business, including financial needs and administrative requirements. He looks forward to listening diligently to clients to offer the best quality solutions. He enjoys serving clients and seeing them appreciate his services, which has helped him develop both personally and professionally. Enrique’s hobbies include reading, as he considers books an important contribution to human culture, and his favorite movies are Superman, Batman, Justice League, and The Avengers. Enrique is married and has four children and four grandchildren.

Yalile Santafe

Yalile is a Certified Public Accountant and has served as Junior Accountant for Mana Accounting Services since 2017. Originally from Boyaca, Colombia, she moved to Bogota when she was 10 years old, where she completed high school and her bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of San Martin. At Mana Accounting her responsibilities include weekly operations planning, meeting with clients to assess accounting needs, managing internal accounts, and preparing financial statements. She has been a public accountant for the past six years and previously worked in the refreshment industry for ten years. She has been General Manager for the accounting firm Rojas & Torres Contadores SAS for three years.  Yalile enjoys the satisfaction of serving clients and executing at a high level in every area of the business. In her free time she enjoys drama movies and Disney movies, including The Avengers. Yalile is married and has two children.

Tich Nguyen

Tich is the President and Co-founder of Mana Accounting Services. He has served as President of Mana since 2010. His bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration in Finance from Georgia State University. Tich’s daily responsibilities include consulting and strategizing about company growth, overseeing business performance to maintain excellence, and motivating management to achieve company goals. He is professionally licensed in Georgia for real estate, property and casualty insurance, and as a mortgage broker. He has extensive knowledge of real estate investment accounting and tax planning. His experience includes co-founding Century Amusement Inc. (2007-Present) and specializing in real estate residential investment portfolios (1998-Present). Tich loves seeing his employees and co-workers enjoy working at Mana Accounting and have stress-free lives and careers. He also enjoys working directly with Mana’s clients. His favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons, and his favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption. Tich is married and has four children.

Mayra Nguyen

Mayra is Vice President and Co-founder of Mana Accounting Services. Her bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration in Accounting from Georgia State University.  She is an IRS Enrolled Agent and IRS Acceptance Agent and specializes in preparing financial statements for businesses as well as preparing personal tax filings. Mayra has a high success rate of achieving offers in compromise with the IRS.  Mayra’s  responsibilities include consulting and analyzing solutions for client needs, overseeing daily operations of the junior accounting team and office management, working with the IRS to handle and resolve client problems, and educating team members and clients on updates to tax laws and guidelines.Mayra loves working directly with clients and appreciates when they call and thank her for helping resolve their tax-related problems. Mayra strives to be the best accountant she can be for Mana clients. Mayra’s favorite movie is The Notebook, and she is married with two daughters.